Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Barrio Writers Summer 2010 Video!

Hello Barrio Writers Friends & Family!

We were extremely too busy over the summer to share pictures and videos regularly, but we did make time to recap our summer for you to view first hand via video and music of all the work we do in 10-weeks! This past summer we also had two new locations!

This is our first video-blog, we plan to document our next summer a lot more! Enjoy!

Music written & composed by Barrio Writer Germayn!


  1. Asombrosa música y buenos los poemas Hip-hópera de dos inmigrantes por Carlos Parada Ayala; les voy a mostrar este video a mis estudiantes de PCC

  2. Great work from the writing adviser Bao, and how wonderful the initiative of the writers to come and interact with these talente young people

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