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Latest News for Barrio Writers in Orange County:
For more information or to register for our FREE workshops, call Barrio Writers at 714-98YOUTH. All writing workshop participants will be offered FREE daily bus passes throughout the 1-week summer program.

Barrio Writers on CSU Fullerton Campus!

The Chicana and Chicano Studies Department is hosting the Barrio Writers 1-week summer writing program at California State University Fullerton!

We invite all youth between 13-21 years old to participate in a week long college-level creative writing program founded by local author Sarah Rafael Garcia and taught by Barrio Writers Marilynn Montano, Kore Sierra, and Areli Sarahi Gonzalez which will provide youth with an opportunity to learn different forms of writing (poetry, spoken word, hip-hop, short stories, essay), a path to college and free cultural arts field trips!

Attn. Youth: Due to great participant attendance, we recommend you email Barrio Writers to request an Application to reserve your seat in the workshops!

(This Year we are limiting to only 25 youth participants)

Date TBA 2014
Barrio Writers Informational Session & Registration
Location: TBA
Event Page: to be added soon!

1-week Writing Workshops (participants must attend all 5 days)

Event Page: 2014 Barrio Writers 1-Week Summer Writing Program in Orange County

Monday, July 28, 2014 1-4pm
 LH315B at CSUF (Langsdorf Hall)

Tuesday, July 29,
 2014 1-4pm
Location: (Langsdorf Hall) LH 315B at CSUF

Field Trip 4-6pm MUZEO in Anaheim

Wednesday, July 30,
 2014 1-4pm
Location: (Langsdorf Hall) LH315B  at CSUF

Author Guest Speaker: TBA

Thursday, July 31,
 2014 1-4pm
Location: (Langsdorf Hall) LH315B at CSUF

College Readiness Guest Speaker: TBA
Field Trip 4-6pm: Location to be announced

Friday, August 1, 
2014 1-4pm
Location: (Langsdorf Hall) LH315B at CSUF

Saturday, August 2, 2014 3-6pm - Live Reading
Location: (Mihaylo Hall) SGMH1502 at CSUF
Event Page: Barrio Writers in Orange County 2014 Live Reading 

The Barrio Writers (BW) program in Orange County is hosted by the CSUF Chicana and Chicano Studies Department.