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New BW workshops start soon!

Summer 2022 Workshops Start Soon!
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Reading & Writing


Participants receive college-level workshops to build skills in reading and creative writing. The sessions focus on writers and artists of color, including guest writers and community leaders who serve as role models in our neighborhoods and support youth aspirations.

Critical Thinking


Youth spend time analyzing and discussing current issues in society and social justice topics presented in the readings. Then provided the opportunity to present their responses to such discussion through writing and group presentations without censorship, empowering them to use freedom of expression.

Cultural Arts


The program strives to present alternative forms of expressions through cultural art collaboration in the community. We include field trips to local art resources. The summer workshops culminate with a live reading, which allows Barrio Writers to exhibit their own work to our community.



The written works submitted by teens from the multiple chapters are published in an anthology collection. Through this publication, we aspire to form a diverse youth, teaching, and writing community beyond the workshops, representing community pride, perseverance, and endless possibilities for following generations.

Check out our video to learn more about Barrio Writers. (In English)
Mira nuestro video para aprender más de Barrio Writers. (En Español)
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