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“The Barrio Writers anthology is a testimony of the inherent power and vital magic that the written word holds, especially for youth in today's newsflash world. Armed with pens, brilliance, and raw talent, each rising new voice featured here reads like an atomic epiphany! And if that alone wasn't enough, this collection offers the blueprint for how to empower young writers in your own community. If the BW anthology was in every classroom, bedroom and bookshelf everywhere the world would be a better place!” 
—Tim Z. Hernandez, Author of, Mañana Means Heaven, Winner of the American Book Award

Barrio Writers 6th Edition - Temporarily Out

  • All sales are final.

  • The 6th Edition includes youth writings from BW Summer 2014; A collection of works by youth in Orange County, California, Phoenix, Arizona and Austin, Texas published by SFA Press.

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